I love people who make me forget that I’m shy




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This is defenitely my taste!

Makes me wanna go to ikea.


Sasha (Acoustic)

For weeks the days I spent felt like forever
I couldn’t get you off my mind
I wondered how you got inside my head
And made me think that you were mine
I thought you meant it when you said forever
I guess that was a lie
I still get choked up when I think of you
It happens all the time

Tell me all the stories of your life before I fall asleep

The Denver Broncos Vs. The Denver Broncos

Spraynard | The Denver Broncos vs. The Denver Broncos

Today I will prove that I am more than a collection of comic books or a high score on the screen
Today I will see just what Im worth by walking out the door

If you don’t get excited when you’re about to kiss someone then you probably shouldn’t be kissing them. It should get you riled up inside and should not be mediocre.

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Love to Burn